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in several former senior obama administration officials said the agency drew on it from both americans and foreigners. >> with that description we can assume that every bit of data out there, every purchase, every meal, every phonecall, every e-mail and because of the ability of supercomputers to digest this material is available. one would have to be extremely naÏve to think this is a power of that will not be in use. the question really is what can you do about it? i'm going to offer a solution because everybody gets undoubtably come here and it's all depressing and what can we do? i think this solution existed. it's not a perfect one and he came up during the negotiations over the reversal of glass-steagall in the 90s. i happen to cover it for the "l.a. times" and in the financial services modernization act which is the basic piece of legislation. an odd coalition formed that said insurance companies and commercial banks and investment houses your emerging an enormous amount of information. health insurance banking records and housing records and so forth brady should have a privac
who were even connected to the 9/11 attacks. that is still the law that president obama and his administration cite when they are bombing people in yemen. in some cases, targeting individuals who were toddlers on 9/11. the law was written to target the people responsible for 9/11. how were the toddler responsible for 9/11? how are they still use that law? it was a blank check and still being used to the day. now there's discussion about rewriting to make it permanent. prawment said in the second inauguration address he didn't want the u.s. to live in a state of perpetual war. his policies indicate that he wants the exact opposite. that's exactly what he wants. he wants the u.s. to be in a per perpetual state of war. there was only one member of congress that voted against the aumf. imagine what it was like. we remember what it was like in the days after 9/11. the fear and history -- gripping the country. there was one congress member barbara lee of california. i think young people should watch that speech. you find it online. bus barbara lee was trembling when he gave the speech
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2